Skywest Australia

Skywest contacted ZGD to embark on a comprehensive re-branding exercise.
The company logo and its application to the livery was one of the focal points. The existing logo was designed in a beautiful yet complex way requiring a long process for painting, having been constructed on many layers and requiring a gradient effect.
The new logo design had to work seamlessly across the fleet: A320, Fokker 50 and Fokker 100.
As the main clients of the airline are commuters to and from mining locations across Australia, and few are tourists, the interiors had to be thought of as sturdy, durable yet with a fresh look which reflected Western Australian character. Leather for the seat covers and non textile flooring for the whole cabin were considered as most appropriate.
We were requested to look at the new cabin attendants’ uniform and create a set of complementary scarves and ties. The selected print features a reference to aboriginal art. Furthermore, a gold color was added to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Skywest.

Image Credits: ZERO G DESIGN