Nautilus Business Class seat for A380

As consultants for Swiss studio Design Investment, work was carried out for the development and detailing of a new concept for seats in Business Class to be adopted in a high density configuration on the Airbus A380 main deck. The cabin can currently be seen at the Airbus Sales Mock-up Center in Toulouse.

The concept is based on comfort and easy access, privacy and light.
The main innovation was to have the armrests in a round shape that can be lowered with the seat into sleep mode, as to create a rounded cocoon area at shoulder level for the passenger to be able to sleep more comfortably.
The ZGD task has spanned from the development of concept variations to extensive detailing through sketches and 3D models. Using the real data and dimensions of the cabin, a controlled test of the concept has been carried out by exploring different variations in layout in order to reach the optimal balance between the number of seats and aisle width.