Citilink Indonesia approached us to come up with a program aiming at defining a new brand image for a different type of client. The work included interiors, logo, livery, check-in areas and point of sales, business cards, buses & cars livery, stationery, etc.
Citilink is linked to Garuda Indonesia, therefore a certain degree of interaction with the headquarters was needed in order to generate an identity with its own character while retaining a ‘family feel’, as highlighted by the tail design.
Development of the new logo, choice of corporate colors and new livery took place concurrently. The brief was to define a younger, more dynamic, modern and more informal look while maintaining a connection to Garuda. This was achieved by adopting fresh and saturated tones of green, as well as by using a clean, sans serif typeface for the logo itself.
Simplicity & freshness were the criteria provided for the interior design of the A320s cabin. Dealing with a low-cost carrier meant that the specifications of practicality, maintenance and cost had to be strictly adhered to. Different options were presented for leather, textiles, carpet, non textile flooring and wall covers.

Image Credits: ZERO G DESIGN, XFWspot