Singapore Airline Suites for A380

As a consultant representing the team from Blue Coast Yachts (Cannes, France) work was performed in different phases of the design of the Singapore Airlines Suites, covering the following tasks:

  • developing initial concept for the interior and 3D design
  • Color & Trim management
  • designing customized finishes for materials
  • follow up with several manufacturers the development of samples
  • provide the management with budget feedback regarding the chosen finishes
  • follow up application of selected scheme on prototype
  • generate and follow-up the Color & Trim specification with Airbus
  • communicate with main manufacturers in France (seat) and Japan (all the rest of the interior components)
  • visiting the customer and the manufacturers for presentations and group discussion
  • visiting the suppliers for materials developments and trouble shooting
  • generating high resolution images (3D Max) with detailed finishes renderings;
  • attending mood lighting meetings to adjust Color & Trim scheme.

The creation of new interior solutions went further than seat covers and extended to door areas, galleys, lavatories, stairs and lounge areas.
By managing Color & Trim, a close relationship was developed with the various parties involved in the project (Airbus, Jamco, Sicma,etc). The careful handling of the complex communication between stakeholders meant that we were able to cater to each of their specific needs.
Various mood lighting color schemes were tested in a specially equipped mock-up in order to take into consideration the effect of different lighting and colors on the chosen finishes. As the design was very complex, a specific system was developed to simulate possible shadows and the effects of reflection.