A major manufacturer for decorative laminates, thermoplastics and non-textile flooring, they received support in the following fields:

  • Creative design
  • Interface with airlines (Asia & South America) and appointed designers
  • Interface with Airbus, Boeing, seat & galley manufacturers as needed
  • Research for new technology & trends to be implemented into production
  • Business development with designers & airlines
  • Design leadership program for business innovation

In this capacity, work has been carried out for/in collaboration with:

Asiana Airlines, ANA,  Air Asia, Batik Air, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, Comac, Dragonair, Embraer, Koreanair, Latam, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, PriestmanGoode, Tangerine, JPA Design Consultants, Porsce Design, Teague, Ray Chen, Jean Jacque Coste Design.


A Design Leadership Program was developed for the client in order to innovate their current business model. The preparation took about 2 years and involved visits to customers, vendors and designers. The whole process, from design to production, through sales and in parallel with competitor benchmarking, was the premise for the guidelines which were created together with Catherine Barber as co-researcher and consultant on the project. The Program was pitched to the company’s top management who approved its implementation.
Attention to detail in the design process analysis, listening carefully to all parties involved while experiencing the process from inside as an employee, were crucial in helping people achieve awareness and empowerment

Image Credits: ZERO G DESIGN