NKI – Airport Interiors

NKI (now part of Evans Airport Solutions) is a Dutch company involved in the development of airport interiors and related products. They focus mainly on check-in, information and passport control areas, shopping facilities, signs for indoors, outdoors and runway.
NKI develops and manufactures their own designs which can be customized by the client and offer design detailing and engineering based on the architect’s initial sketch (example: Hong Kong International Airport, based on Norman Foster’s conceptual sketch).
The contribution as consultants within the team has been on new product ideation (sketches & 3D), product development, customization, refinement, user interface study, 3D visualization.
NKI’s work can be found at Singapore/Changi, Hong Kong International Airport, Kuala Lumpur Airport, New York/JFK, Shanghai/Pudong, Athens Airport, Koeln/Bonn Airport, Moscow / Domededovo, Amsterdam /Schiphol, Tel Aviv/ Ben Gurion Airport, Buenos Aires Airport, Kish Airport/Iran.

Image Credits: NKI